Martijn Wilmer


Martijn Wilmer is CSO at Cell4Pharma. He developed the ciPTEC platforms and gained ample experience in cell-based assay validation, renal pharmacology and physiology at Radboud university medical center. Martijn will support you in your scientific-based questions.

Over the last decade, Wilmers research aimed to develop in vitro models for drug toxicity screening and drug transport assays, both in 2D culture models as well as in a 3D kidney-on-a-chip device. He coordinated the international consortium CRACK-IT Challenge NephroTube that developed a high-throughput microfluidic 3D renal model for drug toxicity screening, supported by pharmaceutical industry and funded by the UK NC3Rs.

Wilmer contributed to more than 45 international publications that improved our insights in renal pathology (elucidating the mechanism of renal dysfunction in cystinosis and Dent’s disease), renal drug transport (drug-interactions studies and transport assay development) and renal toxicology (biomarker and metabolism analysis upon toxicant exposure). Wilmer is inventor on two patents and participated in the BioBusiness Masterclass (BioHolland/NIABA).