Cell4Pharma provides human renal cell lines that find applications in the field of drug toxicity screening and kidney-related research.

We aim to limit renal adverse effects for potential compounds via improved pre-clinical drug development. To enable our ambitions, Cell4Pharma developed highly predictive and robust proximal tubule epithelial cell lines for our customers.


Cell4Pharma’s unique human-derived renal ciPTEC model offers the possibility for early safety assessment and screen for drug-induced kidney injury via in vitro assays, mostly developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. On top, fundamental research at academia in the fields of nephrology, renal physiology and pathology, cell biology, pharmacology and toxicology have benefitted from our human renal cell lines.


Drug Development

The industry is dedicated to reduce animal experimentation for drug toxicity testing. A yet unmet need that will be answered by highly predictive in vitro platforms such as Cell4Pharma’s ciPTEC-based models. Our ciPTEC have a broad panel of functional drug transporters and proximal tubule characteristics. Just like the in vivo situation.

Fundamental Research

The intact transport and metabolism of our ciPTEC models make this platform ideal to study renal physiology, pathology and pharmacology. Our models have been used in >50 peer-reviewed scientific publications that improved our insights in renal pathology (elucidating the mechanism of renal dysfunction in NephroPathic Cystinosis and Dent’s disease), renal drug transport (drug-interactions studies and transport assay development), renal toxicology (biomarker and metabolism analysis upon toxicant exposure) or renal regenerative medicine.

Cell4Pharma's ciPTEC

Our human renal proximal tubule epithelial cell lines are now available for your research.